Half Life 2 Gravity Gun, Angelina Jolie Clone, and Subway Jamming


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A viral video is one that becomes popular though the process of Internet sharing, via social media, sharing sites, or good ‘ole email. Everyday we highlight some of the best that are currently viral and some that are trending that way.

Today’s videos feature an awesome Yoda vs. Darth Maul Brisk commercial, spectacular under ice fishing images, cosplay highlights from 2011, and an upcoming show about 70's porn.

This is one of the most amazing things I've ever seen. I have no idea how they're doing it, or if it's fake. Really, it doesn't matter. Just sit back, relax and prepare to be utterly amazed.

If you've played Half Life 2, you'll love this video. It's great for two reasons: First, it's an awesomely constructed Gravity Gun. Second, this went for $21,000 at a charity auction.

I might be alone on this, but sometimes the copy-cat is even more beautiful than the original. Being younger obviously helps too.

I had forgotten all about the Brisk commercials from awhile back. Considering I get a positive vibe from this one, it appears they've improved on the idea.

This animated short film "Devils, Angels & Dating" is worth the view. Some great animation, comedy, and voice acting.

The subway is like a crap shoot. Sometimes you roll the dice and get mugged, other times something quirky and fun like this happens. If we're to believe this was completely spontaneous and not premeditated. Even if premeditated it's still cool.

Harrison Ford is taken back by his first viewing of the Indiana Jones films **

Cosplay is a practice in which human beings dress up as their favorite characters from movies, comic books, video games, and other forms of media. Generally, most cosplay is forgettable. This video highlights the better constructed cosplay, and features good production value.

Cosplay Highlights 2011 from Angel James de Ocampo on Vimeo.

Seeing as Insomniac is one of my favorite TV shows ever, I think the formula works: Dave Attell + Mystery Science Theater + 70's porn = TV GOLD.

Gary Oldman proves just how awesome he is as he recites his lines from the less than memorable moments of his Call of Duty: Black Ops character.

** If you were perceptive enough to scroll to the bottom of the article, then you should know the Harrison Ford video is a mash-up of a japanese advertisement Harrison Ford did for the game, Uncharted 3. If you're like me and instantly recognized the video then you got a laugh from it. And from the people in the YouTube comments section who thought this might be real.