Gwen Stefani Talks Girl Power With Christina

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With Christina Aguilera taking some time off for maternity leave, fellow songstress Gwen Stefani has been asked to fill in on The Voice, and the two bonded a bit when Aguilera gave her some advice.

"With Christina, she wrote me this really sweet note like right when it was all going down. Then she ended up coming over for Kingston's birthday party and brought over Max. It was just like, 'Yeah!' She was all girl power," Stefani said.

While Stefani wouldn't say for certain whether No Doubt will be making an appearance on the show, she did reveal that she's tapped rocker husband Gavin Rossdale to be a mentor for the upcoming season.

"We've never really collaborated on too much besides children. t’s just been hilarious. I get the R-rated version of what you guys get on TV which is like so funny. It's really good," she said. "He is super articulate, and he has a really good opinion. He is smart, and he's been doing a really good job. We both have, I think, a lot of experience in the sense that when you look back at all the shows and all the things we've done — and I mean, we all met like touring together and doing hundreds of shows — it's so fun to be in the position to meet [all of the contestants]."

As for her new co-stars, Stefani says Adam Levine is super competitive and takes things to heart on the show.

"I think that he is so serious about this game that we are playing. I mean, he seriously gets upset! It’s crazy," she said.

The Voice returns to NBC on September 22.

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