Guy Films Himself Being Struck by Lightning [VIDEO]

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Since the advent of YouTube, we've seen more and more regular people documenting insane weather - from tornados and hurricanes, to epic flooding and crazy lightning. It's pretty cool that everyone has a camera on them at all times now, right?

Well, the only problem with standing outside and capturing cool weather for the world to see is that you're standing outside capturing cool weather for all to see. Enter San Diego resident Hans Nansen, who caught the actual moment of being struck by lightning on film. The incident, which took place at Lake Cuyamaca, is a friendly reminder from mother nature - "Hey, dude, I'm still really, really dangerous."

Nansen is just fine, having walked away from the strike.

"Was hit by lightning yesterday," he tweeted. "Crazyness...feeling lucky."

I'll say.

[hanssd1, YouTube via BuzzFeed]

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