'GTA Online' Exploits Being Dealt With Today


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For the past few weeks, modders have been altering their Grand Theft Auto Online accounts to generate vast sums of in-game cash. Rather than be caught red-handed with billions stashed in the trunk of their 27th chrome-plated sports car, those guilty of manipulating the game have been spreading around their good fortune. Random players in GTA Online have been receiving millions or even billions in in-game cash as the modders have attempted to spread guilt throughout the community.

Obviously, these exploits have essentially broken the economy of GTA Online. Developer Rockstar today has finally taken action to correct the problem through a new game patch.

Today's new patch will, Rockstar claims, remove all of the counterfeit money from the game. Players who modded or otherwise exploited the game will be subject to bans or will be separated into an isolated pool of cheaters to play with.

Those who did not willfully create the cash will not be banned, but those who received generated cash will have it all taken away. The full amount of counterfeit cash that players receive will be taken away, regardless of where it currently is. Money will first be taken from player bank accounts, then from character wallets.

Money that players have spent has been taken into account, so players who spent the money they were given could find their bank accounts rather low. Rockstar says that accounts left with no money after the correction will have "sufficient funds" added back to their account to allow them to continue playing.

A more detailed Q&A about today's patch can be found at Rockstar's support site.