Groupons & SmartDigital Unite In Chicago


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Groupons and a small tech firm called SmartDigital have partnered up to offer on-sight deals to consumers in the Chicago area. The deals will be location-based so the offers you see will be unique to your surroundings.

The initiative will begin with 30 kiosks and expand to up to 100. They feature 32-36 inch touch screen monitors and will offer Groupons daily deals as well as travel deals. They will also give users access to social networking sites and allow them to take photos from the kiosk and send them to the sites. So you can check your Facebook from the kiosk.

Julie Mossler of Groupon explains, “We think the kiosk partnership offers a fun way to get great, relevant Groupon deals while you’re out exploring Chicago.”

The Kiosks currently feature a non-emergency 311 app that allows visibility to public transportation availability and soon will be linked to 911 emergency services and vicinity security cameras.

SmartDigital CEO George Burciaga is a native of the Chicago area and sees the kiosks as a way to put internet technology in the hands of those who have not been exposed to it before.

Burciaga says: I leverage what I didn’t have growing up to help even the playing field and build technology to help everyone.”

The partnership is hoping to expand to the Miami and New York areas in the near future.