GroupMe 3.3 Released for iPhone and Android

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The GroupMe Blog announced today the latest version of their group messaging app, replete with two brand-new features and a handful of updates.

If you've ever wanted to chat about something in particular, but didn't know who with, Open Groups is the new way to go. Open Groups enables users to start conversations without adding anyone to the group--instead, anyone can join. Users can limit participation to just their GroupMe contacts, or they can tweet or post the URL and engage with a wider audience.

GroupMe recommends the feature for a variety of social engagements, including an impromptu book club, karaoke crew, pick-up soccer group, or fan club. And, of course--as their screenshot suggests--drinks.

GroupMe 3.3 also caters to the language preferences of a drastically larger demographic. Fourteen new languages are included in this upgrade, including Spanish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese (both Portuguese and Brazilian), Russian, and Chinese (Simplified & Traditional).

For folks whose native tongue still isn't covered in the options, GroupMe wants to here about it in their Feature Request Forum.. No word on whether you'll need a translator there, though.

The folks at GroupMe also mentions at lots of minor upgrades and bug fixes. You can download it for the iPhone or Android now.