Grinnell's Jack Taylor Scores 109 Points in College Basketball Game


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It's not often you hear much about a D-III college basketball player, but one young man from Grinnell, Iowa is certainly giving people something to talk about. Grinnell College's Jack Taylor put up triple digits in a basketball game against Crossroads College on Sunday. No, that wasn't a typo--we mean Taylor put up 109 points by himself. Including his points, his team had 173 points in the win.

This isn't the first time Taylor, a junior guard, has reached triple digits in a college basketball game, either. Just last year, he put up a whopping 138 points in one game, which broke the previous NCAA record of 113 points in a game.

"Tonight, we just wanted my shot to kind of come in the flow of the offense with catch-and-shoot type plays," Taylor said. The 5'10" guard scored his 109 points on 35 out of 70 shots, which includes 24 three-pointers. Taylor also had 15 free throws to add to his score. Taylor could have scored more and possibly set a new record had he played the entire game, but he left with about five and a half minutes on the clock. Check out highlights from Grinnell's game below.

You've probably already figured it out, but these high scoring games of Taylor's aren't too out of the ordinary for the young man. So far this season, he has averaged 90 points per game. Lest you think Taylor lets these high scoring games get to his head, think again--he is quick to give his teammates props:

Despite Taylor's impressive abilities, there are a few naysayers in the crowd. As you can see below, a few folks aren't terribly impressed with Taylor's scoring abilities and think he is a ball hog. What do you think? Is Grinnell's Jack Taylor a baller or a ball hog? Respond below.

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