Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition Contains A Hidden Message


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Rockstart made sure to include lots of expected extras with their The Grand Theft Auto V Special Edition copy of the game, including bonus weapons, additional character outfits, and a collectible book that includes artwork from the game. Again, this is pretty standard stuff as far as more expensive editions go, but Rockstar didnt' stop there. The developers also included a hidden message on the blueprint map that is also included with the special edition.

It's so hidden, in fact, you'll need a blacklight in order to see it; or, well, read the publications that have the deciphered message. Before that, however, an image of the hidden message, courtesy of (via Polygon):

GTA V Hidden Message

If you can't make that out, or you don't have a blacklight handy to try it yourself, worry not. The message reads:

Great Ocean Highway
Through North Chumask
0.5 miles past Raton Canyon
<- When guard rail ends Follow the dirt road Down to the Docks Bring $500,000 CASH

As you might expect, reddit is also on the case, and if you're curious about what can be found there, you can spoil yourself right over here. There's also a video from a player who apparently found the stash as well. Obviously, spoilers are attached here, too.

In other news, GTA V is well on its way to being one of the most successful for-the-home video games ever. The game has already broken the $800 million mark, and will be beyond the $1 billion plateau in a matter of hours. Keep in mind, the game is coming out on the next generation consoles as well, which means this massive bottom line will continue to grow as we approach the holiday shopping season.

[Lead image courtesy of Rockstar]