Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay Trailer Released


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Since the big reveal of Grand Theft Auto V last fall, each new revelation and trailer has been a huge event for gamers. The trio of trailers released back in April sparked rumors about how the game will play with three main characters.

Since that time, Rockstar Games developers have revealed that players will be able to switch between any of the characters on-the-fly, giving Grand Theft Auto V a unique feature from its predecessors. Today, Rockstar revealed exactly how the game will play.

The first official gameplay video for GTA V was released today. It once again details each of the characters before demonstrating how players will be able to switch between them, even during a high-intensity heist. Some features new to the series are also previewed, including customizable cars and clothing; playing tennis and golf; scuba diving and skydiving; doing yoga; and hunting (animals).