Gospel Marvin Sapp Was Stalked By Missing Doctor Teleka Patrick


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The bizarre disappearance of Kalamazoo doctor Teleka Patrick just continues to get even more compelling as details are slowly uncovered. It appears Patrick, 30, had been stalking gospel singer Marvin Sapp for quite some time. Some even stated that Patrick referred to Sapp as her 'husband'.  Patrick's advances had become so overwhelming that Sapp had to take protective measures in order to ensure the safety of his children.

On Friday, Jan. 4, The Associated Press reported court documents that reveal the Grammy award-winning singer had went so far as to file for a protective order against Patrick prior to her disappearance.

The personal protection order he filed actually revealed a lot of things that actually correlate with the 'delusional' claims Patrick's ex-husband has spoken publically about. Sapp's claims also raise eyebrows about the mystery man Patrick refers to in her YouTube videos. Since Patrick is always talking to the camera, as opposed to a physical person in the video, most are left wondering if there actually is a real person she's referring to.

According to the Daily Mail, Sapp, 46, revealed that Patrick had joined his church, began contacting his children, and even started visiting his home un-announced. The PPO also stated that Patrick, who started her residency at Borgess Medical Center in Kalamazoo, MI a year ago, actually moved from California last year because of the "Never Would Have Made It" singer.

Sapp won the PPO back in September, and it is effective until March 18, 2014.


Patrick has been missing for almost a month. Her car was found approximately 100 miles north of Michigan in a ditch, along I-94 in Northern Indiana. Mysteriously, her wallet was still in the car. The wallet had her identification and cash still in it.

Local police and FBI are currently investigating her disappearance. Patrick's family has met with Jim Carlin of Justinian Investigative Services in Battle Creek, MI. The agency will also be working on her case in conjunction with the police and FBI.

Image via Facebook | Teleka Patrick  Twitter | Marvin Sapp