Google's DoubleClick Digital Marketing Insights Conference Start a Revolution in Online Advertising


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Google wants users to know that they are doing everything that can to facilitate a revolution in online advertising that puts control in the viewers hands. This means they have to reengineer the whole system of buying and selling ads along with the way they are created.

As you know, Google has already made great strides with creating tools and services that make ad creation and refinement a lot more accessible, but more recently, today in fact, they're meeting with some of their closest customers to discuss how an advertising revolution should proceed. They're calling it the DoubleClick Insights Conference.

Google's Vice President of Display Advertising, Neal Mohan will be meeting with industry leaders to discuss how technology is reshaping the environment and how consumer's relationship with advertising has changed. They will also discuss how advertisers and publishers can work together to create a richer and more engaging marketing experience. The bad news is, the conference is already underway and kicked-off at 9am PST. You can probably still catch some of the conference if you register now.

Today's Insights Conference Speaker Line-up

Neal Mohan - Vice President, Display Advertising, Google
Terry Kawaja - Founder and CEO, LUMA Partners
David Kenny - Chairman & CEO, The Weather Channel
James Pitaro - Co-President, Disney Interactive Media Group
Omar Tawokol - Chief Executive Officer, BlueKai
Greg Stuart - Global CEO of Mobile Marketing Association
Kurt Unkel - President, VivaKi
Shishir Mehrota - Vice President of Product Management, YouTube
Brad Ruffkess - Social Marketing and Connection Strategy, Coca-Cola
Mike Lowenstern - Managing Director of Digital Advertising, R/GA
Peter Minnium - Head of Digital Brand Initiatives, IAB
John Caldwell - Chief Digital Officer, National Geographic Society

If you've completely missed the events, that's okay because all the details are available on the DoubleClick Advertising Blog. Obviously reinventing the way the advertising business functions is going to take an awful lot of conscious effort from a lot of different groups. Framing the challenge is only the first step and I think Google had done a good job.

Here's how Neal Mohan, VP of Display Ads, explained the rather complex nature that plagues digital advertising initiatives today:

"One of the central challenges we’re looking to solve with this effort is that digital marketing is still incredibly complex—with marketers juggling multiple systems to manage their different digital efforts across banner ads, paid search campaigns, mobile ads, online video and measurement using systems that don’t talk to one another. We think of this a bit like an old school ‘90’s stereo system, with separate CD, cassette and radio players and a mess of wires in the back."

"What we want to provide to our partners should be more like the intuitive, powerful smartphones we carry in our pockets today—which not only play all our favorite music, but take pictures, keep our schedules and more."

"Towards this end, DoubleClick Digital Marketing will weave together the technologies that buyers currently use to plan, manage, schedule, deliver and measure their online buys in a way we think will not only help them work smarter and faster, but ultimately be more responsive to their customers and deliver better ads."

So if you're interested in the online advertising revolution, you can read more by following this link to Google's official blog. If you're interested in starting your own ad campaigns, Google is also a great resource for creation tools and analytics. The DoubleClick Insights Conference runs until 1PM PST today, but updates about the events and speakers will be posted throughout the week.