Google Wants Your Grandma to Use Video Chat in Gmail

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Google has posted a video and an accompanying, printable guide for grandmothers to understand how to use Gmail's video chat feature.

Google wants you to be able to easily show your grandparents how to use Gmail video chat, because let's face it: a lot of grandparents aren't hip to all of the latest web trends (if you are a grandparent that is hip to them, than good for you!).

"Often when I tell people that I work on Google video chat, I hear stories about how they’ve used it to give a video tour of a new home to friends, introduce a baby to relatives, keep in touch with traveling loved ones... the list goes on," writes Google's Jason Toff. "This got me thinking about how convenient— and sometimes even magical — the experience of video chatting is."

"So when I saw that my grandma, who loves keeping in touch with family more than anyone, wasn’t set up to use video chat, I decided to help her get started," he adds.  "While doing so, it occurred to me how many people there must be out there in similar situations. If only there were a simple way that any grandmother could use to get started on her own."

There is a link you can send to your grandparents if you can't show them what to do first hand. Just have them go to, and they will be presented with both the video and the printable guide. You might not want to show Grandma ChatRoulette.

Chris Crum
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