Google+ Traffic, User Count Continue Growth: More Data

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The graph above is pretty much in line with the other reports and estimates we’ve been seeing regarding Google+. Google’s new social network is growing like a weed. From the looks of it, it’s growing more than ever.

This week, Google+ VP, Product, Bradley Horowitz said that people will be shocked by forthcoming announcements about the service’s growth.

This above graph comes from a new report from Chitika, which says traffic and user count is on the rise.

“Chitika Insights has covered the heavily publicized launch of Google+ amidst a variety of reported statistics, some which stated that Google+ hosted a user base comprised of over 40 Million people, others which described the fledgling social network as nothing more than a ghost town,” says Chitika’s Gabe Donnini. “Initially, traffic on Google+ saw a rapid rate of growth, but was accompanied by a period of significant decline. Since then, Chitika Insights has been regularly keeping tabs on the condition of Google+, in order to determine the relative success of the social network.”

“Between the months of September to November, Google+ saw a 118% increase in overall online activity,” he adds. “From September to October Google+ posted the biggest growth figures (55%), followed by a growth in online activity of 41% between October and November, as seen in the graph below.”

The numbers in the graph are based on Chitika’s activity index. The highest level of activity observed gets a value of 100. “The other data points are simply a function thereof,” says Donnini. The arrows represent the percentage increase in activity witnessed (sampled in the second week of each month). The firm says it used a referrer distribution methodology to conduct its report.

Chitika attributes the growth to integration among other Google services, heavy advertising, and increasing functionality and accessibility.

Based on Horowitz’s comments, we can probably expect some official numbers in the near future.

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