"Google Tags For Free" Offer Presented


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Talk of free 30-day trials may not "wow" a lot of folks.  Some people, for example, will wonder whether a company won't find an excuse not to take a product back, and other individuals realize just returning a product with a receipt can accomplish the same thing.  But local business owners should definitely take advantage of an opportunity to try Google Tags for a month.

If you're ready to jump right in, here's a link to a signup page.  Enjoy.

If you'd like a few more details, a new post on the LatLong Blog explained that Google Tags is "a new advertising product that allows local business owners to add a yellow tag and additional information to their listing for an affordable flat monthly fee."

The post later added, "We've designed Google Tags for busy local business owners who want an easy and low-maintenance way to advertise online.  It allows you to highlight qualities that differentiate your business from the crowd, and helps customers make easier, more informed decisions about the places they want to call or visit."

So again, business owners should be sure to take advantage of this offer.  As long as everything's canceled before the 30-day trial is up, Google won't charge anyone a dime.

It's possible Google Tags will see a significant uptick in regular users thanks to this promotion, though, since it normally costs just $25 per month.