Google Tablet To Aim For Kindle Fire Rather Than iPad

Mike TuttleTechnology

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As Shaylin Clark reported here in mid-December, Google is headed into the tablet market again after its less-than-stellar Motorola Xoom attempt.

Other companies have released tablets with the Android system and have done well, but the Xoom was considered overpriced at $799 and bulky in a market populated with sleek competitors.
Google Draws a Bead on Kindle Fire
The cock of the walk in the tablet world is, of course, Apple's iPad tablet. But, over the recent Christmas spending season, Amazon's Kindle Fire made a strong showing in the market. Reviewers were mixed in opinions, but consumers snatched them up at $199 a pop. Rumor has it that Google has taken aim at the perch the Fire now sits on with a price point of $299 or less, rather than the loftier orbit of the iPad, which starts at $499.

Tablet rumors change faster than celebrity marriage licenses, so stay tuned for updates.

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