Google Rep Gets Mouthy


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Anybody who works in customer service will tell you that it can be a thankless job. Not to say that all days are bad but it can definitely be tiring. I noticed a post on Search Engine Roundtable about an issue with AdWords Customer Service that perfectly illustrates what can happen when a rep is having a bad day:

the customer asked (obviously frustrated):

"Anyone? do the people that work at google comprehend their own policies?"

Google reps response:

"....For what it's worth, your site doesn't look good to me. It's visually unappealing (like it came through a time warp from the late '90s :-), has several pages with no content yet, a forum with almost no posts, etc. I'd probably hit the back button pretty quickly if I had clicked an ad that took me to it. But I don't see any actual policy violations at first glance. As far as I know, the "Yuck, hit the back button!" factor should be handled by low quality scores, not disapprovals".

The customer again:

"....As for the amount of people on the site... well, you're obviously not the brightest person to have replied to my question.
The point of advertising is to bring in customers"

"As for your opinion on the design... I didn't ask. So, I don't understand the point of all writing that whole paragraph as if someone actually cared about your opinion".

I guess it's cruel to randomly post these conversations but it's just so ammusing! The good news is that the rep realized she lost her temper and wrote back immediately:

"You're right, you didn't ask. I do think you may have some quality score issues, but my design comments were uncalled for and over the top. I apologize".