Google Panda Update Gets Animated (And Kind of Weird)

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I stumbled across the above video today, uploaded by a HubPages author. HubPages, as you may know, was one of the sites hit hard by Google's Panda update, and its CEO Paul Edmondson has been rather vocal about the update since it hit. Recently, he wrote a piece about it, bringing Google's competitive practices into the conversation.

He has also compared HubPages content strategy to that of Google's own YouTube, questioning why they were treated so differently. Interestingly enough, between the initial U.S. launch of the Panda update and the global launch, a Googler wrote a guest post on the HubPages blog talking about how to write quality content for AdSense.

The video, which was uploaded by Paul Michael Willis, carries the following description:

Parody cartoon of Google Panda Algorithm attack on online content farm writers to shut them down and improve for Online retailers and Advertisers.

Here is its companion piece at HubPages.

Thanks to YouTube's suggestions, this other animated video about the Panda update was also brought to my attention. This one is slightly more amusing, though that's mostly due to the use of robot voice to convey sexual arousal (ok, and the fact that sexual arousal even enters the equation in a video about the Google Panda update). The description on this one, uploaded by YouTube user Jmgrp, says:

Google's recent Farmer update slammed down content farms like e-how, Demand Media, and eZine Articles. Of these many farmer boys, one goes to Google to meet in a therapeutic setting. Google SEO answers the many questions on the Farmer Update to the Google algorithm. This is a spoof video, people. A spoof. Any simularity to content real or imagined is just that, imagined. Not real. Repetitive. Farmer update, farmer update. Farmer update.

This one was uploaded in early March. I believe this is back before the "Panda" name was revealed, and som were referring to the update as the "Farmer" update, in relation to its dealing with content farms.

I don't expect that you'll see these videos get the acclaim of the Next Media Animation videos, but I don find it fascinating that people would actually take the time to create animated spoof videos about a Google algorithm update.

Chris Crum
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