Google Offers 'Optimize For Bandwidth' Tool

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Google is offering webmasters a way to optimize their sites for bandwidth on Apache and Nginx.

As the company notes, there are a lot of obstacles on the web when it comes to using less bandwidth, and sites contribute to the problem for a variety of reasons including non-minified code and images that weren't saved for the web, to name a couple.

Google offers an optimizing proxy for Chorme, but is now utilizing the same technology in its PageSpeed tool. Google's Jeff Kaufman writes:

With Optimize for Bandwidth, the PageSpeed team is bringing this same technology to webmasters so that everyone can benefit: users of other browsers, secure sites, desktop users, and site owners who want to bring down their outbound traffic bills. Just install the PageSpeed module on your Apache or Nginx server [1], turn onOptimize for Bandwidth in your configuration, and PageSpeed will do the rest.

If you later decide you're interested in PageSpeed's more advanced optimizations, from cache extension andinlining to the more aggressive image lazyloading and defer JavaScript, it's just a matter of enabling them in your PageSpeed configuration.

Google's John Mueller notes in a Google+ post, "Setting this up isn't always trivial, but if your site gets a lot of traffic, looking into optimizations like this can result in noticable performance improvements."

More info about setting things up is available here.

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