Google News Adds Election Section To Homepage

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Just a couple days after announcing their new Politics & Elections hub, Google is making another attempt to keep you apprised of all the breaking news surrounding the 2012 campaign.

Google News now features an Elections section on its homepage which, like all other Google News sections, will attempt to feature the most recent and important stories about the volatile political season.

In Google News' standard homepage (non-personalized), the Elections section will appear just below the Health section, according to the Google News team.

The new Google News homepage section is just one of many ways Google is attempting to keep internet users in the know this year. The aforementioned Google Politics & Elections hub charts the hottest news surrounding the campaign, as well as search trends, mentions tracking, and specific subcategories for each candidate. The site is also a place to see recent election results, for instance Tuesday night's Iowa Caucus results.

And remember, YouTube Politics still compiles all the best political videos, whether they be news, parodies, or user-submitted rants.

Josh Wolford
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