Google Maps 6.5 For Android Looks So Fresh & So Clean


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If you totalled up the distance of every set of directions that Google Maps has produced for Android users, you'd have about 50 billion kilometers' worth of directions. According to a post on Google Mobile Blog, that's on par with "130,000 trips to the moon, 334 trips to the sun, 10 trips to Neptune or 0.005 light years." Just think where you could've gone if you'd been more discerning about your vacation destinations, yeah?

In observance of this milestone, Google Maps for Android is getting a makeover of sorts with the release of Google Maps 6.5. The update comes with a redesign of the home screen as well as better map resolution for devices with a high pixel density. In the example below provided by Google, even with the small scale of the image you can see the richer detail in the newest version. The demarcation of the roads is more pronounced, the labels are a little easier to read, and the overall color contrast between streets and city blocks has been increased.

Old version on the left, new version on the right.

The new map aesthetic will be introduced incrementally as you browse around, or, the blog states, you can start seeing the updated maps immediately if you clear out the cache in your Maps settings (so, uh, do that, unless you have some strange affinity for lower res maps.)

A final notable update with Google Maps 6.5 is that now when you're searching for directions, you'll be able to select which method of public transportation you want to travel. No more guessing games when it comes to traveling via subway or bus, just select your commutation of choice and off you go. Also, you'll be able to select from different routes in case you don't really feel like walking all that much or if you simply need to get to where you're going quick, fast, and in a hurry.

[Via Google Mobile Blog.]