Google Makes it Snow Up in Here


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If you haven't tried any of Google's search query tricks, you're missing out on experiencing the search engine's playful side. Whether it's the "do a barrel roll" search/command or the "tilt" command, the search engine isn't afraid to have a little fun with their visitors.

Granted, if you don't know about these tricks, the fact that these easter eggs exist may have escaped you; unless, of course, you're the type of search engine user who has been making active searches for the queries "do a barrel roll," and "tilt," or, perhaps, your never-ending quest to find out what really is the loneliest number.

Each one of those search queries produces an favorable result, which also does a great job of showing off Google's idea of frivolity. There's another command, which has apparently been around as long as the previous commands, but considering the winter season and the this, the last week before Christmas, now is a good time to remind you -- or point out the existence of -- Google's "let it snow" search query command.

Much like the query string suggests, once the "let it snow" query is entered, snow begins to fall on the Google result page. The results on the page are still clickable, but only for a few seconds. As more and more snow begins to fall, your screen begins to fog over, making the links inactive. You can, however, play with the fogged up screen, writing various things with your mouse cursor. The lead image offers a good example of that in action.

Too bad it's not set up to allow snow angels.

In case you're in one of those places where all your browser's bells and whistles are turned off, here's a video of the "let it snow" command in action:

Google should just have that command go live on Christmas day, instead of relying on the search query to activate it.