Google Launches New 'DoubleClick Studio Layouts' Rich Media Ad Tool

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Google's DoubleClick has announced the launch of a new tool, which it says will let you build rich media ads in minutes, and get them live in hours.

After testing the tool with partners, Google is now launching it to the public.

"With today’s launch, you no longer have to toil through the hand-coding of a long tear sheet, or undergo multiple creative revisions for a simple ad," says product manager Tal Snir in a blog post. "Studio Layouts provides a pre-built rich media ad shell, so you can simply select a layout, upload your existing assets and publish. You can even build HTML5 ads using the same basic assets. Because the structure of the ad is already created for you, there are fewer places for the creative to break, meaning your ads can get through QA with few to zero revisions. With Studio Layouts, you can build rich media and HTML5 ads much faster, reach more people with your existing assets and upgrade your basic image ads to rich media."

Google has a case study about how Samsung was able to use Studio Layouts for an effective Galaxy S4 campaign in Turkey.

Studio layouts

There's a new "Layouts" tab in the top navigation bar of the DoubleClick Studio interface. That Layouts Gallery can be found there.

Google says it will roll out new Layouts formats and features over the course of the coming six months. In the next few weeks, it will launch Layouts for the IAB Rising Star formats Cascade, Billboard and Sidekick, in addition to an HTML5 GDN Lightbox format.

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