Google Is Using Logic to Fight Waste With Hotel Finder


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'Hotel Finder" by Google has refined its functionality to include 'Hotels by Travel Time'. I like it! I have to ask why they never thought to have this before. So many times i've booked a hotel that the search said was near my event and when I arrived, I found the two destinations were miles apart. Google has addressed this issue with a refinement to their 'Hotel Finder' tool. 'Find Hotels by Travel Time' is an enhancement which allows users to select their mode of transportation and allowable travel time to find appropriately located accommodations.

Choose from mass transit, pedestrian, car, whatever; the search will give you the time and distance for the means you choose. This way you won't be wasting time on unplanned travel and unforeseen obstacles.

If you're going to a conference and there's a hotel right across the street, it might make sense to stay there even if it costs more money. You could save some extra cash by not getting a rental car and make the whole experience more efficient and enjoyable.

Half the time a trip could be more fun if I could centralize my accommodations to the events and activities I will be attending. Freeing myself from the burden of navigating foreign landscapes could be key to having the most pleasant experiences. Sounds like Google's on that.