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Google launched "Search Plus Your World" last week. As controversial as it may be, it is putting Google+ content in search results, and that simply means that the greater presence you have on Google+, the more likely you'll be able to boost your search visibility via these features.

Some are calling for government regulation over the features (and Google's competitive practices in general), but until Google is forced to stop doing it this way (and there's a good chance they won't be), it's probably worth your time to develop a Google+ presence.

Frankly, it was probably worth doing so before the features launched, but now, it's going to be harder to ignore. As Danny Sullivan points out, it looks like even Lady Gaga (or at least her marketing team) have given in to this notion.

Google's Louis Gray has a post up on Google+ talking about "10 Great Ways to Get Discovered on Google+".

Louis Gray on Google PLus

He elaborates on each one, giving examples, but the ten ways are:

1. Embrace the Community While Doing Something Unique and Creative.
2. Speak Eloquently, Thoroughly and from Your Experience.
3. Go on a Google+ Diet.
4. Have a Sense of Humor and Share The Wacky Parts of the Web.
5. Gain the Attention of Others Who Have Proven Influence Before.
6. Spend Your Time Contributing to Make Google+ Even Better.
7. Be Well Known for Something Outside of Google+, Engage Here.
8. Embrace Hangouts.
9. Be On the Scene and Break the News.
10. Be The People Who Make This Place Run.

It should be noted that Gray is a product marketer for Google+, so it's kind of his job to make you want to use it. That said, he does have some good points about having more success on Google's social network.

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