Google Glasses: Twitter Reacts And Responds

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Google's latest big endeavor, Project Glass, has been several years in the making and is still not even finished, but as its creators test out what it can do and broadcast it to the public, the web is buzzing with talk about what it could mean for the future.

While Glass is available for pre-order now for developers who attended this year's Google I/O conference--at the hefty price of $1500--it won't be ready for another year, and it won't be put onto the mass market until at least 2014. For those skeptics who don't quite understand why anyone would want to wear a headset that would keep them jacked in at all times to technology, the team at Google prepared a little presentation on all the awesome things you can do with it.

Of course, the Twitterverse is one of the busiest places regarding speculation and conversation about Project Glass. Here's what people are saying:

Amanda Crum

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