Google Glass Is The Perfect Complement To Your Future Smart House


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Developers and users have been doing some amazing stuff with Google Glass ever since they got their hands on the device earlier this year. It's strange then that we haven't seen Google Glass tackle home automation yet.

Last week, the developers at Revolv revealed their new Google Glass app that allows those wearing the device to control their home wirelessly. With just a few simple swipes, Glass is able to turn on the lights, lock the door and turn on a music player. It also have voice control to change the color of the lights.

Google Glass is just a curiosity for Revolv at the moment as it primarily focuses on smart home controls for smartphones. Still, it's incredibly exciting to see stuff like this being done with Google Glass. The smart home is already being controlled by only one or two devices, and things like Google Glass will make it even more personal than ever before.

Of course, Google Glass soon won't be the only wearable computer on the block. It will be interesting to see if Samsung, Apple or Microsoft talk about home automation when and if they reveal their respective smart watches.

[h/t: BGR]