Google+ For Android Updated, Messenger Ditched In Favor Of Hangouts

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Are you one of the millions of people who use Google+ everyday on your Android device. If so, Google has a treat for you in the form of new updates.

Google's Virgil Dobjanschi took to Google+ this morning to announce five upcoming updates for Google+ on Android. The updates range from usability improvements to the Google killing off certain features in favor of new ones.

First up, Google+ for Android will make account switching much easier. Dobjanschi says it will work a lot like Gmail in that you can now "switch between multiple Google+ accounts with a couple of taps." As for the brand pages you may manage, they'll be in the app menu at all times.

Those of you using Google Apps for Business will be happy to know that Google+ is now fully supported. That means that users will now be able to share content, and see which Google+ users are part of your app's domain. Like always, the Apps administrator will have to enable Google+ for this to work.

For photo and video lovers, Google Drive has now been integrated into Google+ for Android. You can now share media you store on Google Drive directly from Google+, and the social network's new photo editing services will automatically enhance your Google Drive photos.

Location sharing has also received an update that allows you to share either your pinpoint or city-level location with others on a circle-by-circle basis. Don't want the people in your work circle knowing where you are? You can hide this information from them while letting those in your Friends circle know what's up.

Finally, Dobjanschi says that Google is killing off Google+ Messenger. At Google I/O, the company launched a separate app called Hangouts that's basically Google+ Hangouts and Messenger rolled into one. That means Google+ Messenger itself is now redundant so it's getting the axe. Some may want to save their Google+ conversations, however, so Google will allow those users to download them via Google Takeout later today.

Dobjanschi says that the new Google+ for Android will be rolling out to Google Play over the next few days. It's not there just yet, but we'll update this story to let you know when it goes live.