Google Finance Product Ideas Page Established


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Yahoo Finance has long been a flagship product of sorts, earning praise and generating huge traffic numbers.  Now, to perhaps help Google Finance make up ground, Google's effectively opened the floor to suggestions, seeking product ideas (and votes on product ideas) from anyone who's interested.

A post on the Google+Finance+Blog%29">Google Finance Blog explained the purpose - and effect - of this move by stating, "The Google Finance team looks to our users for feedback and ideas.  Knowing what you care about helps us set our priorities when we're developing the product. . . .  We'll respond directly to the ideas that you're most excited about."

As for the feedback process itself, Google Moderator powers the experience, which should be familiar to lots of folks and easy for everyone else to figure out.  Would-be users just have to sign in, and then they can propose an idea or vote other proposals up or down.

Current favorites touch on historical graphs of portfolios, interactive charts for mobile devices, and a Google Spreadsheets tie-in, as you can see below.

Anyway, it should be interesting to see what happens as a result of this initiative, given that Google Finance has been gaining fans over time.  Anders Bylund even recently let his readers know that it's about caught up to Yahoo Finance in his opinion.

Plus, Google Finance remains just a click away from the Google homepage that so many people visit on a very regular basis.