Google Fiber Android App Now Supports All Android 4.2 Devices


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One of the coolest things about Google Fiber is that the company throws in a free Nexus 7 tablet for those who subscribe to Google Fiber's Internet and TV package. The tablet acts as a controller of sorts for the set top box allowing users to control all aspects of their television experience. Now the experience is moving to other Android devices.

Google announced that the Google Fiber app for Android is now available on all devices sporting Android 4.2 or higher. That means that all of Google's Nexus devices and the Asus Transformer Pad will now be supported. Of course, you may have installed a custom Android 4.2 ROM on your device, and that's fine too.

Oh, and before you ask, Google Fiber still isn't expanding beyond Kansas City just yet. You can install the app though, and pretend that you live in Kansas City. That's what the reviewers of the app are doing. Although, I'm pretty sure Google won't be expediting the move of Fiber to other areas just because somebody from Michigan gave the app a five star review.

You can grab the new Google Fiber app here. Install it on your Nexus device and dream of a day when you're not being scammed by incumbent ISPs.

[h/t: Engadget]