Google Demos Glass at Big City 'Basecamps'

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Google is currently jumping through hurdles, both legally and culturally, to promote Google Glass and try to make the wearable tech more accepted in a skeptical society. It's not an easy thing – especially considering the amount of backlash the product has received from people wary of face-cameras.

Google's trying to make Glass cool, with new hires and partnerships, and now the company is looking to make it more accessible to regular folk in cities where they might see the product popping up around them.

CNET reports on an email sent out to "prospective Glass buyers" on Wednesday touting the opening of "basecamps," where those curious about Google Glass can take the product for a test drive (not really driving, that might be dangerous).

"There's a lot of talk about Glass, but have you tried it for yourself yet?. Sit down with a Glass Guide, take in the view and see what Glass is really like," read the email.

These Google Glass demo areas are only in three cities so far – San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles. The basecamps have existed for a little while, but now Google is opening up demos to the public.

All you have to do is schedule an appointment.

Google says you can bring one guest for your demo appointment, but they must be over 13. It's smart, really, to let the general public have a crack at Glass. Like I've said before – familiarity is the antidote to hostility in this case.

Image via Google Glass, Google+

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