"Google Cash" Scammers Ordered To Pay $1.6 Million


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Google's lawyers have done it again. Yesterday, the company won a lawsuit against a number of disreputable firms, getting a judge to more or less agree that they're scammers and award Google a $1.6 million settlement.

The conflict started more than a year ago when different SEO professionals pointed out the existence of "Google Cash" scams. Organizations pretending to be affiliated with Google would promote expensive get-rich-quick schemes using Google's own ads.

That caused Google to file a lawsuit, and the company didn't hold back when pursuing Bloosky Interactive, Crush, Hyper Interactive Media, Just Think Media, Pacific Webworks, Search 4 Profit, Viable Marketing, and some other entities. Google accused them of trademark infringement, federal unfair competition, violating the Lanham Act, violating the Utah Unfair Competition Act, and violating the Utah Consumer Sales Practices Act.

Now Judge Bruce S. Jenkins of the United States District Court has "permanently enjoined and restrained" all of the defendants from pretending to be associated with Google. They seem to be barred from even using the word "Google" in any fashion, for that matter.

The defendants are supposed to pay Google's legal costs, and, as mentioned earlier, give it $1.6 million, as well.

Google may not ever see that money, of course, given how scammers, spammers, and crooks of all kind have a habit of not forking over what's due. But the company's at least taken definitive action to protects its users, which should earn it some goodwill.

A hat tip goes to Jason Kincaid, who supplied the relevant court document.