Google Calendar Gets A Big Refresh On Mobile

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Google introduced a new version of the Google Calendar mobile app. It's available for Android now, and will hit iOS soon. Have a look.

"It’s designed to be a helpful assistant, so you can spend less time managing your day, and more time enjoying it," said product manager Ian Leader. "It takes a lot of work to stay on top of your schedule, after all. You have to manually enter that hotel or dinner reservation, then update it if your plans change. You have to hunt around for addresses and phone numbers, then add them to your events. And if you’re on a mobile device, you might just give up on these kinds of tasks entirely. Calendars (like email) should do better—especially on phones and tablets—so we set out to build one that’s always at your service."

With the new app, emails can automatically be turned into Calendar events.

"Every time you book a flight, buy concert tickets, or make a hotel reservation, odds are you get an email with dates, times and other important details," Leader added. "But who has the time (or patience) to copy and paste all this into their calendar? In the new Calendar app these kinds of emails become events automatically, complete with things like flight numbers and check-in times. They’ll even stay updated in real time if your flight's delayed, or you receive another email update."

Like the recently introduced Inbox, the new Calendar app also makes use of Assists, which group together content like phone numbers, addresses, attendees, etc. and suggests titles, people and places. These adapt to preferences over time.

There's also a new schedule view, which includes photos and maps of places and events.

The new app works on Android 4.1 and higher. It's immediately available for Lollipop devices, and will be available as an update from Google Play over the coming weeks. As mentioned, the iPhone version is also on the way.

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