Google As A Graphing Calculator

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Google has introduced some graphing calculator functionality to its search results.

“Students and math lovers can now plot mathematical functions right on the search result page,” a Google spokesperson tells WebProNews. “Just type in a function and you’ll see an interactive graph on the top of the search results page -- or will be able to soon, once this rolls out to all users over the coming days.”

Here’s an example of what you could see:

Google graphing

You can zoom in and out or pan across the plane. Users can also draw multiple functions. Do this by separating them with commas.

“This feature covers an extensive range of single variable functions including trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic and their compositions, and is available in modern browsers,” says Google engineer Adi Avidor.

Google has been pretty helpful as a calculator in the past, particularly with Chrome’s omnibox. When you’re using the web, it’s even easier than opening up your computer’s calculator application. Now, Google’s just getting better as a math tool.

Chris Crum
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