Google App. Offers EU Compliant Data Protection


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A lot of small businesses use Google apps to meet their needs and overcome challenges. In light of the European Union's updated and more stringent data protection and privacy law, Google is offering an app. that will help their enterprise customers gain compliance with standards in Europe.

Coming soon, Google will offer revised contract clauses that will meet EU standards. It's actually all part of framework developed through the United States Department of Commerce and the EU which allows Europe's data to be handled by US companies who are compliant with Safe Harbor guidelines to function and do business with the European nations.

Essentially, the EU doesn't allow anyone's private or sensitive data to leave Europe unless its being managed by an organization adhering to a set of agreed upon standards which the Safe Harbor legislation more or less embodies. Google and about 2500 other US companies offer this as a service in Europe.

By combining the new privacy clauses with Google's continued participation in the Safe Harbor guidelines, customers can also be compliant with Europe's privacy standards. It's another way Google is making life easier for small businesses and individuals who do work internationally.