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Google announced the launch of its first available API for Google+, which only gives access to public data. Perhaps now we get to see what Google+ is really made of.

While Google will no doubt launch various APIs for its social network, now we get to see third-party apps take advantage of what it has to offer, even if in a still limited capacity. Long story short, Google+ should get a lot more useful now. You know how most of the hardcore Twitter users were using it mostly through third-party apps?

"We started with Google’s own products, added the +1 button for site owners and content publishers, and introduced games from a handful of partners," says Chris Chabot of Google+ Developer Relations. "That’s just the beginning though — we want every one of you who builds applications to be able to include rich sharing, identity, and conversations in your app."

"Google+ gives users full control over their information, supporting everything from intimate conversations with family to public showcases and debates," says Chabot. "This initial API release is focused on public data only — it lets you read information that people have shared publicly on Google+."

"Because we’re starting with public data only, you simply need to register your app before making requests," he adds. "And if you aren't yet sure which Google+ user is running your app (for example, because they're installing it for the first time), then you can use the new OAuth2 scope to ask the user who they are."

If you're a developer, you can of course get the documentation at The company tells developer to follow three simple guidelines:

1. Put the user first
2. Be transparent
3. Respect user data

If you're a Google+ user, you can probably look forward to finding new and interesting ways to use your Circles.

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