Google I/O: Google Announces Chrome For iPhone, iPad


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Google has just announced that they are bringing their Google Chrome browser to Apple's iOS devices. The app will be available for iPhone and iPad, and is expected to hit the App Store later today.

Chrome for iOS brings many of the most popular features for Chrome's desktop and Android versions to Apple's iOS platform. Chrome includes the omnibox, which allows you to conduct web searches or enter URLs in the same box.

While Chrome for iPad makes excellent use of the tablet's screen real estate, the iPhone has to be a bit more conservative. Chrome for iPhone's tabbed browsing experience mimics the pages format of Safari for iPhone. With Chrome, though, switching between tabs is a bit simpler. All you have to do is swipe from side to side to switch from one tab to the next.

Chrome for iOS also includes incognito mode. A button in Chrome for iOS's menu bar allows you to toggle back and forth between Incognito Mode and normal browsing.

Perhaps most importantly, Chrome for iOS syncs across all your devices. That includes both your tabs and your login credentials. That means that you can start reading a news article or looking a restaurant's menu on your computer - be it a Mac, PC, Chromebook, Android device, or all of the above - and pick it back up on your iPhone or iPad. You can select any open tab on any device running Chrome.

Chrome for iOS, along with Google Drive for iOS, should be available in the iOS App Store later today. It's likely to be a universal app, and should be free to download