Google and Mindshare Create Mobile Garage to Educate Companies on Mobile


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Google does an awful lot to educate the public on new technology. They also do a lot to bring us new technology, but their latest effort is more focused on companies.

Google has teamed up with Mindshare to help educate companies and businesses on mobile. The project is called Mobile Garage, and its all about showing companies how they can take advantage of the medium in the marketplace.

Groups of experts in New York, London, and Singapore will help Mindshare clients with mobile aspects like creating apps, search optimization, and countless other information that can help businesses grow and evolve using mobile.

Nick Emery, CEO Mindshare Worldwide comments on the utility of Mindshare:

"We designed Mindshare to be open source and to work with the best partners for the benefit of our clients. It’s about trial, experimentation and speed to re-design our business. Working with Google on mobile will give our clients a competitive advantage in a key battleground both now and for the future."

Matt Brittin, VP, Sales and Operations, Northern and Central Europe comments on teaming up with Mindshare:

"We have adopted a 'mobile first' philosophy at Google to keep pace with the rapid acceleration in consumer mobile usage. We are delighted to team up with Mindshare on a similar strategy for their clients. Mindshare have already shown strong momentum in the mobile marketing space, and have a great opportunity to lead their clients to win on mobile in the future."

Mindshare already has relationships with sibling WPP mobile shops Joule and H-Art, and the Mobile Garage venture will work well to complement those partnerships. There's no doubt that having Google educate businesses on mobile represents a distinct advantage.