Google and GroupM Next Launch SPARK Education Series


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Yesterday, on Google's Agency Blog they announced a new partnership with GroupM Next. GoupM Next's innovation unit is called Spark and Google wants to help them deliver some valuable marketing education specifically geared toward branding.

The duo will deliver a series of events, the first of which started yesterday, to address topics that directly impact brand opportunity and performance in digital spaces. Sparks is a unique opportunity to gain insights and hear examples on topics which are seldom covered elsewhere regarding branding.

The series takes a client-focused approach and is specifically designed "to cultivate education and dialogue for verticals that are under-represented in the broader digital media space in terms of data, research and opportunity". You already missed the first installment of the series, but take look below to see what you missed out on.

Here's a quick rundown of discussions from the docket at Spark: CPG in the context of marketing for CPG brands (from last night):

* Making the web work for CPG brands – our take on how the consumer, and world around us, has changed

* The digital enhanced path, exploring the ever-changing connection between consumers and brands and opportunities that exist through understanding new consumer behaviors and the role of technology

* Marketing and messaging innovation across multiple screens

* The power of video and building brands with the power of sight, sound and motion

* Developing ‘content gifts’ in the social world and capturing opportunities by engaging your brand’s super sharers

* How mobile commerce can connect shoppers to the places and CPG products they love

* Fostering fluid innovation across marketing and process to enable agencies and brands to meet the pace of change in consumer dynamics and technology

You will most likely be able to get caught up on what you missed by visiting Google's Agency Blog, but you should pay close attention to find out about future Google sponsored GroupM Next brand awareness events. If you wish to fully understand digital brand marketing, this should be a partnership you keep a close eye on.

Here's what Google had to say on their Blog:

"In most cases, Spark will provide brands with insights and education they wouldn’t have access to elsewhere. Additionally, through ongoing collaboration between our companies, GroupM agencies and clients, we’ll identify areas of interest and need for brands across digital media, and foster opportunities as they emerge"