Good Old Games Lets Users Vote For Summer Sales


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Good Old Games (GOG), which claims to be the fastest-growing online distributor of DRM-free games, is having a summer sale, and it's allowing players to vote on which games will receive the biggest discounts. In addition to the sale, GOG is giving away Worlds of Ultima 1 and 2 for free. GOG is best known for selling older PC titles and indie games.

Called "Battle of the Games," the summer promotion will allow players to vote for one of two games. The highest voted game at the end of the day will be discounted 60% for 24 hours, while the runner-up will be discounted 40% for 24 hours. Two new games will be up for voting each day between June 19 and July 5. Though GOG is keeping secret the games that will be voted on in the future, the company did mention that Psychonauts, The Witcher, and Broken Sword: Director's Cut would be up for voting during the promotion.

The first two games are already up for a vote on the GOG website. The first "Battle of the Games" is between Myst: Masterpiece Edition and The 7th Guest. It appears, so far, that Myst: Masterpiece Edition (which is the original Myst with better graphics) will be discounted 60% tomorrow, meaning players will be able to download the game for only $2.40.

In addition to the "Battle of the Games," GOG is giving away copies of Worlds of Ultima: The Savage Empire and Ultima: Worlds of Adventure 2: Martian Dreams. These games, released in the early 90s, were part of the Ultima series that helped shape what western RPGs have become. So, if you are tired of big-budget games that leave you unsatisfied, GOG looks to be the place to go for some nostalgia gaming this summer.