GoDaddy Back in the News for Super Bowl Ads

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Domain name registrar and web hosting provider GoDaddy appears to be really making a name for itself based on controversial Super Bowl ads. In fact, one could ponder whether or not the general public would have such a distinct idea of what GoDaddy even is, if it were not for its Super Bowl controversies. Something tells me that's just fine with GoDaddy. The company seems to feed off this stuff.

This year, GoDaddy says it has a new ad that was banned from the Super Bowl, even though the company finds it perhaps even less objectionable than some of its past ads.

"Of the five commercial concepts we submitted for approval this year, this NEVER would've been my pick for the one that would not be approved," says Go Daddy CEO and Founder Bob Parsons. "This is about a guy who starts an online business and hits the jackpot. I just don’t think 'Lola' is offensive, in fact we didn’t see this one coming – we were absolutely blindsided!"

The ad can be viewed below:

"We've accepted we have to go with another option – one that's been approved and one that is still 100 percent GoDaddy-esque," says Parsons. It remains to be seen just what that will be, but GoDaddy is not wasting "Lola", as it is promoting the ad heavily online.

The company points out that another controversial ad with a political message, starring Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will be airing. GoDaddy essentially says that its Lola ad is less controversial than that.

One has to wonder if this is just GoDaddy just trying to get some attention, but if that is the case, it has worked. The company at least knows something about getting videos to go viral.

Do you feel that the GoDaddy Lola ad is too offensive (or offensive at all, for that matter) for the Super Bowl? Share your thoughts below.

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