God of War: Ascension Trailers Released


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The teaser trailer for God of War: Ascension gave nothing away, so some of the loudest cheers at Sony's E3 press conference were for Kratos. The crowd roared as their favorite former Spartan plunged his blade into the brain (literally, the brain) of a bipedal mace-trunked elephant. Sony also showed off the multiplayer mode for God of War: Ascension at E3, demonstrating how players will be able to hack-and-slash each other until, finally, someone gets to perform a brutal execution move. Impressively, God of War: Ascension was not the most violent game shown during Sony's presentation.

Today, Sony has released two separate trailers for God of War: Ascension, one for the single-player mode and one for multi-player. Much of the content shown in the trailers was on display at E3 during the Sony press conference. That doesn't mean it isn't exciting, though. Watch Kratos take on a Kraken and the aforementioned elephant in the single-player trailer, then check out the pathological head-crushing and disemboweling action in the multiplayer trailer:

If these trailers have gotten you excited for God of War: Ascension, I've got some bad news: you have a long wait ahead of you. The release of the game falls into the current promised land for gamers, which is "early 2013." Specifically, the game will be released on March 12 of next year.