Gmail's New Compose Box Is About to Be Your Only Option

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If you've been temporarily using the old compose view inside Gmail, your days are numbered. Google has just announced that the new Gmail compose box will become the only option within the next few days.

"A few weeks ago we added a full-screen option to the new compose. Now that that option is available, we're saying farewell to the old compose and switching everyone to the new compose over the next few days. The new compose opens drafts as a minimizable window so you can write multiple drafts at once, keep an eye on incoming email, adds support for inline images and much more," says Google in a Gmail Google+ post.

It also comes with a bit of user backlash.

One of the main gripes that users had with the new compose box was that it was small, and was relegated to a corner of the screen. This complaint should have been alleviated or at least mitigated by Google's recent update to allow of a full-screen option. Not only can users make their compose box bigger, but they can also set the full-screen mode as their default.

To be clear, this is what users have seen for the past few months. Even though Google technically rolled out the new compose box to everyone back in March, they've allowed users to opt out by clicking the "temporarily switch back to old compose" option.

This option will cease to exist by the end of the week.

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