Gmail For Android Gets Much Needed Improvements, Exclusive To Android 4.0 And Above


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Gmail comes standard with almost every Android device, but it hasn't seen much improvement for quite a while now. That all changes today with its latest update for Android 4.0-4.2 devices.

The Gmail team announced a number of improvements today via its Google+ profile. There's a number of features that have been a long time coming, and in fact, were leaked in an APK back in October. The same features we saw then are now available in the official release on Google Play.


Easy resizing, swipe to archive and more added to Gmail on Android

Today we released version 4.2.1 of the Gmail app for Android, making it easier to both view and read your messages.

No longer will your favorite email newsletters get cut off at the edges; with this latest version, you can now choose to have the emails resized to fit neatly on your screen and pinch to zoom for a closer look.  You can turn on auto-fit under Settings > General Settings.

When you are checking mail on the go, sometimes you just want to get through your inbox quickly. With that in mind, we’ve added a swipe feature that allows you to do just that. Swipe left or right to archive, directly from your inbox. Just visit Settings > General settings > Swiping conversation list if you prefer to delete from the inbox.

In addition, all of your great photos - from pics of your dad’s epic renovation project to candids of your dog napping - are easier to view at a glance. When you open a message with photo attachments, you’ll see thumbnails of each picture. Tap on a picture to go to a gallery where you can easily swipe through all the photos. And speaking of attachments, you can now attach videos that you've taken on your phone.

These new features are all part of the latest update to Gmail, and are available for devices running Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and above.  Download it today from Google Play:

Are you still in the majority of Android users who are stuck with Android 2.2 or 2.3? Fret not, Google has updated Gmail for you as well. Well, not really for you, but third-party developers now have access to a Labels API when building mail apps. There's some performance improvements as well. It's a nice complimentary prize until you can upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich and get the real Gmail for Android experience.