Gmail For Android 4.2 Comes With Useful New Features


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Do you use Gmail for Android? Chances are you probably do. Some people may not be using it as much as they would like to due to a few features still not present in the latest version. It looks like those features may not be missing for long if a recent leak is to be believed.

Android Police got their hands on a what they're saying is Gmail for Android 4.2. It has a number of new features that makes Gmail much better than its current iteration. The first is that users will now the ability to pinch zoom inside emails. It's not groundbreaking in any way, but it surprises me it took Google this long to implement a standard smartphone feature into Gmail.

The far more useful feature is that users can now swipe to delete or archive emails. In other words, you can now delete or archive emails on the main page with only a swipe. You no longer have to tap the check mark and go to delete. It's not groundbreaking, but it makes Gmail on Android far more convenient.

Here's the video showing off the two new features:

Despite Android 2.3 still holding most of the Android marketshare, Android Police says that Google will be snubbing us with the latest Gmail release. It will only work on Ice Cream Sandwich and higher. The number of ICS devices is growing, but it would be nice if Google would throw us 2.3 users a bone once in a while as we wait to upgrade.

For ICS and Jelly Bean users, Android Police is now working to secure the permissions required to release the Gmail 4.2 APK. We'll update this story if and when they get permission so you can grab the latest version of Gmail.