Globetrotter Dunk Breaks Backboard


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William “Bull” Bullard, who plays for the Harlem Globetrotters, is a lucky man! While performing at the Nacional de Ingenieros Coliseum in Tegucigalpa, Bullard went for an alley-oop dunk that went terribly wrong. He pushed his feet against the backboard, like he normally does, bringing the entire backboard crashing down on top of him. The glass board fell to the floor shattering and leaving pieces of glass covering the hardwood. Bullard could have received a serious injury, but was able to walk away with only a gash on his forehead and a dislocated shoulder.

Bullard says he was just doing his normal routine when he realized the rim was starting to come down. "When I dunk, I put my feet on the backboard, put the ball through my legs and dunk it again, so that's the motion I was going with," he told the New York Daily News. "By the time I realized that the rim was coming down, it was too late, and it crashed down on me."

After the doctors at the game bandaged him up and popped his shoulder back into place, Bullard walked back onto the floor and gave is fans a thumbs up. However, he did not play the rest of the game.

“My main thing was to get up … get cleaned up, come back out and wave to them and show them I was good. It was a nice crowd.” he said. "The injuries aren't too major. That's a blessing."

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