GlassBattle Brings Naval Warfare To Google Glass


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Google Glass is still in its infancy, but there's already a lot of awesome apps available for the hardware. Unfortunately, there's a definite lack of games for the hardware despite Google Glass lending itself to augmented reality gaming. One development team is fixing that, however, with it's own take on Battleship.

Det Ansinn revealed over the weekend that his team at BrickSimple is currently working on a game called GlassBattle. It's a simplistic take on Battleship where two players wearing Glass compete head-to-head in turn-based battles. Here are the full details:

GlassBattle is a two-player Google Glass game implemented using the Mirror API. It provides turn-based gameplay with synchronous updates over the Internet. This isn't a mock-up or concept. It's a fully functional glassware application.

Note: Due to Mirror API quota limitations, we can't yet share this app with a wider audience. Under the current quota, we can accommodate only a few players per day. As soon as the quota gets lifted, we will open up the gates. Thank you for your patience!

It's a little simple, sure, but it's all about baby steps at this point. We're still years away from the kind of stuff that we saw in concept videos last year, but it's coming sooner or later.