"Girl Meets World" Picked Up For Full Season


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A lot of folks who loved the 90s sitcom "Boy Meets World," were probably skipping down the street this week, because according to one of the show's former stars, Danielle Fishel, "Girl Meets World" has just been picked up for an entire season.

"Got the great news tonight that #GirlMeetsWorld was picked up for 8 more episodes, a total of 21," she wrote. "Can't wait for everyone to see them all."

"Girl Meets World" will air on the Disney Channel and will follow the character of Riley Matthews, who's the daughter of the "Boy Meets World" couple Cory and Topanga. Apparently, the couple stayed in New York--since that's where they moved to in the final episode of the 90s show--and they'll be guiding their daughter through the usual kinds of social challenges that many preteens face.

Since word got out in 2012 that "Girl Meets World" was being made, the buzz was loud and strong, which is probably why Disney decided to order a full season before the pilot episode even aired.

Ben Savage--who plays Cory on the show--also sent out a tweet and said he's looking forward to playing Cory Matthews once again. "We've been picked up for 8 more episodes," he wrote. "It's a joy revisiting these characters and meeting the world as a dad." He then sent out an Instagram photo of a sign that looks like it's directing people to where the show is being taped.

If you think about it, "Girl Meets World" has a very high chance of being successful and running for many seasons. For one, a lot of parents who were fond of the show in the 90s will be eager to introduce the characters to their children, and two, it's likely that many kids will just stumble on it, since they're probably watching the Disney Channel anyway.

It'll be interesting to see just how the writers update the show to fit modern times, and if the Riley character will face the same kind of jams as Cory did in his younger days.

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