Ginnifer Goodwin Gushes Over Her Baby Oliver


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On Sunday, September 22, Ginnifer Goodwin returned to the red carpet for the fall premiere of Once Upon a Time just four months after giving birth to her son.

Goodwin and her husband Josh Dallas, who also stars in Once Upon a Time, welcomed their first child, a boy named Oliver, in May.

While walking the red carpet, Goodwin gushed over her little pride and joy and revealed what a help Dallas has been the past few months.

As new parents, it is only natural that you will not be getting much sleep. However, Goodwin says that Dallas won't sleep even when she tells him to. She said he is always wanting to help and describes him as her "knight in shining armor."

“He also has not slept since mid-May. I’m always telling him, 'You can sleep,’ but he won’t, he always helps," Goodwin told Us Weekly. "He’s my knight in shining armor."

Luckily, Goodwin and Dallas don't have to miss spending time with their son while they are filming scenes. Goodwin revealed that little Oliver has his own Star Wars trailer on set so she can see him anytime she wants.

"He has a trailer. It is a 'Star Wars' trailer and it is on the lot and he comes with us every day because I have to see him every couple hours," she told E! News. "We are in a very, very fortuitous position that we can bring our kid to work."

Although Oliver is on set most of the time, the couple admits that they hope that he doesn't follow in their acting footsteps. "We are going to gently nudge him in any direction but acting," Goodwin said.