Gift Cards: Creative Ways To Give Them For Christmas


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Some people try really hard to find the perfect gifts for friends and family members, but some people are just picky and hard to buy for.

If you have one or more people on your Christmas list like this, the best thing to buy them may just be a gift card.

Gift cards might not be the most creative or personal gifts to give, but they are a great option when you are in a hurry or just can't think of the right gift.

If you want to give gift cards as a gift this holiday, but want to get a little creative, try one of these fun ways of giving them.

Wrap Them
If you want to surprise a child, teenager or anyone with a little patience and a sense of humor, wrap the gift card over and over again to make it hard to find. Put the card in an envelope and then in a very small box. Place the small box in a box that is a little larger and repeat until you have several boxes inside a very large one. Wrap the last box and watch when the recipient has to go through several boxes to find their tiny gift card.

Add To A Gift
If you still feel the need to give someone a gift and a gift card, be creative and package the gifts together. Buy a simple gift, such as a book, a box of candy or a pair of socks or mittens. Slip the gift card in the book as a bookmark or slide it down inside the gloves and socks. Make sure you tell the recipient to look for the gift card so they don't accidentally drop it or throw it away.

Hide It
Gift cards are small and easy to hide, and instead of just handing one over this Christmas, you can hide it in the tree or somewhere in your house and let them find it with a fun holiday scavenger hunt. Kids and adults alike will enjoy finding their gift cards this way.

Just because you are giving a gift card, doesn't mean you can't make it a memorable gift. Just be creative with the way you give it and you won't have any complaints.