Gia Giudice Talks Band And Mom’s Prison Sentence


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Gia Giuduce is dealing with a lot right now. Both of her parents just received prison sentences, and she is just trying be a normal teenager.

During a recent interview with Access Hollywood, Gia opened up about the prison sentences and said that although she is upset about the news, she knows that her family will bounce back and be just fine once her parents serve their time and are released from prison.

"Honestly, obviously, any news that is hurtful or, like, horrible to hear is so upsetting," the teenager admitted. "My family is probably one of the strongest families I know, so we'll get through this. It's gonna be fine. And when it's over, we're gonna be better than ever."

Gia has been trying to keep her mind on other things and one of the ways she deals with the drama in her life is through music. She and her friends Alexa Maetta and Christianna Cardinale have a band called 3TK and are working hard on their music.

So far the band has met a lot of criticism. The girls proudly released a cover of Britney Spears' Circus, that included a risqué music video. Not everyone thought the video was age appropriate, but Gia said she isn’t worried about what the haters say.

"We obviously got our parents' approval," Gia said. "My parents think it's fun. Like, my mom was there every step of the way. And when my dad saw it, he was like, 'Nice, Gia,' like, typical laid-back. So it's good. I just want to make them proud. That's all that matters."

Gia’s parents Joe and Teresa Giudice have both been sentenced to prison after being convicted of fraud. Teresa will serve her sentence first, starting in January and Joe will serve his once Teresa is released. Teresa will serve 15 months and Joe will serve 41.

Hopefully Gia can stay strong while her parents are away.